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About me

I am a community ecologist with a keen interest in understanding how ecological phenomena arise from interactions between entities in space and time. As such, I have so far focused my research on the structure and dynamics of ecological networks: how interactions of different types can be seamlessly incorporated in their representation, how species persist in these networks, and the role of space in shaping their dynamics.

I am currently working at Landcare Research and the University of Canterbury, in New Zealand, integrating insights from network theory, spatial distribution of ecological interactions and co-occurrences, to understand the spatial scales of perturbations in ecological systems.

With these lines of research, my overall aim is to contribute to applying ecological theory to conservation and restoration actions.

About this website

In the sections above you will find a -hopefully- updated list of publications and CV, teaching resources from the classes/workshops I have imparted, and some occasional posts that I will write mostly to remind myself how to solve specific issues I encountered when playing with R, markdown, Latex, or any other fancy tool.